Reply To: Don’t Feel

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Russ,

    You're always welcome because either we ALL awaken or not at all. So, each time someone takes the steps you are taking, there is an undeniable reason to feel joy and more peace for all of us! So, keep up the good work (play?)!!

    I believe all that you have said here is in alignment with what I mentioned previously… let's take a look why I am saying that, ok?

    I mentioned 3 things… let's look at each one at a time…

    1. Consider the use of the PSTEC Accelerators… you know what's interesting about this tool? It allows the stuff that needs to be brought up and healed or cleared to do just that. I appreciate your thoughts that “I want to focus on the positive emotions and memories in my past so that I don't feel like I am just working with negative stuff.” Excellent because there's is hope that you are not addicted to the “negative” nor the “self help” quest which puts you in perpetual motion of always trying to find something new to play with (aka: The Shiny Bauble Syndrome). So, why the Accelerators? Because they will bring the junk up quickly that is in the way, so that you can move forward to the “positive” or the statements and thoughts about what you either desire to experience or “ought” to experience. Allows you to move forward more quickly! (My opinion here: That's a good thing!)
    2. If the emotions are not there or not strong, begin a more liberal use of the PSTEC Positive. Ah, those empowering “reframes” that you mentioned that are the opposite of the current beliefs…. wonderful start!!! Now, take those and plug them into the subconscious (it will take much more quickly) with the PSTEC Positive Tracks. Ok, once again, be aware that “things” may come up that are in the way… emotions, feelings, thoughts, images, memories, etc. The sub is presenting these to you for either compliance or for healing… so, decide and take action. Yes, if you do nothing and ignore them, that is an action too, but not one of healing. So, if more junk comes up, plug the junk into the Click Tracks, EEF's or Accelerator Tapping Tracks. Move that junk out of the way and go back to the PSTEC Positive with your reframes.
    3. You gotta be excellent at asking the tough questions. I believe you are already on track here and putting yourself through the blender… shaking things up… hey, if it don't work, let it be broken and replace it with something that works!!! Keep asking the “tough” questions so that you can either come up with the junk that needs healing so that you free yourself up and/or so that you can allow the desires of your heart… dare I say… the Desires of Source… into your experience… into your Life.
    4. [/list]
      All three of these will also allow those feelings to seemingly surface, when, in reality, they were there, you just thought you had to keep them down, ignore them or banish them. Nope, just let them and the other stuff come on through.

      Make sense?