Reply To: Don’t Feel

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Russ,

    Sorry for the confusion about this…

    “So, look at those thoughts of having to do it on your own and also upon the emptiness that you feel and allow the feelings to come through and then also allow the memories to surface so that you can run the CT on them.”

    I know, as you said, that you don't want to do that… it's because your mind model says that it is painful. It's not that “doing something on your own” is inherent with “being unsupported.” Doing things on your own is merely a physical manifestation of the moment. Feeling unsupported is an interpretation or definition that it is a painful event.

    So, take the charge away from the moment by using the Click Tracks around the feeling and the memories that surface when you focus on the feeling.

    You see, just because you are ok with doing things on your own does not mean you end up BEing unsupported.

    Make this simple… allow the feelings to come through and follow them. DO NOT try and figure it out… you can't. You are attempting to apply thought, logic and intellect to something that was derived without reason.

    So, follow this simple little formula…
    E.P.I.C. for PSTEC

    Clear away ALL the emotions that are not J.E.E.P. All of them… none of those serve you. Remember, anything that is creating protection, also creates a barrier.

    So, find peace in doing it on your own because when you do, then the fear of it… the pain… is gone. And, then guess what? You are free to allow not only other people to do and give to you, but you will be free to allow yourself to be supported by your greatest resource… your Higher or Inner Self… that “thing” that seems to help people be lucky without trying.