Reply To: If English is a second language for me will PSTEC work?

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Adam,

    Thanks Cynthia for your comments and help…. she was right on in many ways. I do not want to change what she said, just add a little bit… maybe just one more thing… ok, make it two… :- )

    First of all… if you are running the Click Tracks for a memory and feeling and the memory is basically visual, no problem with the language, most likely. If part of the memory is a particular phrase someone said, then you want to focus on it as you remember the phrase in that particular language… again, should not be an issue using the Click Tracks on this.

    Secondly, there are two ways in which the subconscious “learns” or creates the mind model… through experiences (what we feel and observe in life) and language (what we are told by others).

    So, if you are dealing with experiences that are the foundation of a particular thought pattern, the Click Tracks will most likely work no matter what the language that is used as long as you follow the instructions. We have heard from various therapists who used the English version of the Click Track successfully with patients that do not speak English at all… let alone as a second language.

    Now, if the foundation of the thought pattern is one that is rooted in language, then it may be a bit more difficult to change, but those aspects are usually coming through your experience as beliefs and behaviors. For those types of issues, the PSTEC Positive would be the choice of audio. If English is your second language and you have a pretty good handle on it, then I believe you will be just fine in both situations. Just form your Positive Statement in the language of your choice and use the PSTEC Positive Tracks as instructed.

    Thanks again Cynthia!

    Take care, Adam… keep clickin'… Aloha!