Reply To: Procrastination

Jeff Harding

Yes, well, I am a master at self-abuse. Bummer, that!

I used the PSTEC Positive yesterday morning with the following affirmation:

“Every day I get better at focusing on my goals and targets.”

And this statement does not resonate with me negatively. Twice today, in face, I was in a position where I heard the statement in my mind (because I was in a training class and focusing on certain areas that will help with my goals and targets) and I just kept repeating it over and over, and I noticed that while I did that, my eyes opened and shut repeatedly!

No Click Track!

But I found it peculiar that I remembered the statement, and my brain just started using it, and my eyes automatically started blinking open and shut. I have no idea what this means or even if it's a good thing.

Your thoughts?

I will review the interview with Wil as soon as possible!

God's peace, Dixie