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Jeff Harding
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    Hi Cynthia,

    Thanks for reading and “chatting.”

    Ah, very true, there is resistance to healing or even looking at issues…it's a very common issue for all of us. So, most times, I will have the person address the resistance in various ways to move the resistance aside before proceeding with PSTEC on the issue that they desire to work on. This helps to “grease the skids” and makes the clearing method work much more quickly and with less effort.

    Here's an interesting story…a bit long because of the added resistance complex, but I believe worth the read…(all names, of course, changed for privacy)…

    “Janice” experienced some severe trauma as a young girl. Now, I agree, all events that steal our personal peace from us and anchor us to an emotion other than J.E.E.P., are traumatic and must be addressed with PSTEC or another “uncoupling” tool.

    Well, most people would consider Janice's events as highly traumatic from the human experience level because most of the events involved physical, sexual, mental and emotional pain.

    One particular event involved physical abuse of her mother, of her and there was also a visible display of blood on the walls of the hallway…not a pretty site, especially for a 6-7 year old little girl.

    We had done some work using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) on the event and lowered the fear aspect surrounding this event, but some aspects still remained.

    After the session where we did some work, she displayed resistance…she injured herself thereby preventing us from getting together for a couple weeks as scheduled and she questioned if she should heal these issues that she had lived with for decades.

    Janice Finds Resistance Within Herself
    So, with the help of a friend and spiritual adviser, she identified with a part of her that was afraid to heal. When we did a session, I asked her to connect with this part of her again and we began a series of questions. She discovered that this part (“Brad”) of her was fearful that healing meant she was trying to expel him from her very being. We addressed Brad and reassured him that she only desired to be in harmony with him and wished no harm to him. She appreciated how he helped her survive the 10 years of abuse…hey, she was alive and actually over twenty years into a lovely marriage. The threat from family was over, but Brad was also in a heightened state of alert.

    *** Note: You could look at this as a sub-personality or any other form as you wish…she wished to address this part of herself in a way that was mutually beneficial to all parts of her. I follow and “agree” not only with someone's intention, but with their mental images and representations.***

    Clearing the Resistance
    We did some EFT on her as surrogate with Brad. She was able to communicate with Brad and “negotiate” that she would call upon him when she needed strength to overcome threats in her life. That she could determine when she was threatened, but if she missed something in her life that was threatening, that he would warn her and she would “consult” with him and pay attention to his communication. Brad also needed reassurance in a physical way (very common for the subconscious) and said an entry in her journal that talked about her objective of being in harmony and not expelling him would satisfy him and keep him at peace.

    She did the journal entry and we got together at another time to do some more work.

    Enter PSTEC
    Very little resistance at the next session. She consulted with Brad and he was ok with the work we were about to do. So, I pulled out PSTEC Click Track 1 and we worked on that terrible event I mentioned above. This time the prevailing feeling was one of sadness. Janice tuned into the event and the feelings as she played the Click Track 1.

    After the Click Track was over, she removed the headphones…looked at me…then she said, “Yeah, I want a copy of that!”

    I asked her about her level of distress on the event and she said not only was the sadness and the fear down to zero, but she had a difficult time even conjuring up the images. She knew there was a memory, but the intensity over it was gone.

    So, some great points here:
    * Address the resistance before tackling the issue with PSTEC…you could even use PSTEC on the resistance. In Janice's case, the resistance feelings would be fear and she could even use the image of Brad.
    * Remember, there may be various aspects. Like Janice's case, there were various images involved that were intense plus two main feelings, fear and sadness. Will another aspect crop up later? Sure, it might, if so, just pull out the Click Track again and focus on the specifics that are coming up.
    * Pay attention to all representations (thoughts, beliefs, images, sounds…anything!) no matter how far-fetched or even unrelated they seem. Grab them and use your PSTEC on them!

    Hey, I hope that was worth the read!

    Thanks for the opening to share that story about the use of PSTEC.

    Take care…keep clicking…hugs and aloha!