Reply To: Can’t be bothered type of feelings

Jeff Harding

    Meghan said: “Please don't dismiss your frustration — I would CT/EEF on the frustration you are experiencing over this — it may be related. From what you have written — it sounds as though you may get so frustrated with pstec that you quit using it??? Is that right?”

    Interesting, Meghan — I've already quit PSTEC once!! I got the freebie CTs on the day Tim posted the website! I did it a couple of times, and then QUIT!

    Off to read more! And listen more to The Easy Way, Chapter 2!

    God's peace, Dixie
    Meghan said: “You have stated that you are starting with IT IS possible — with all your things. When you start there — do you believe it? — back up a step. It just may take you more steps or rounds than you hoped. You also stated that you are going straight from IT IS possible to I can, I will, I am

    > listen to The EW again — you are starting at step 2 and then quickly moving onto step”

    The way I understand Tim, the first place to start is to see if such a thing is possible (let's say my business goal) and to look around to see whether or not others have accomplished such a feat (they have). So it's not a hard leap for me to believe “It is possible…..” and move right into testing “Is it possible for me?” (“I can….”)

    It's moving from “I can….” to “I will….” that I appear to become defeated. In fact, I can click “I can and I will….” for several days and it tests with no zing! And then, seemingly out of the blue, that small voice inside says, “No, you can't….” and it becomes impossible again.

    I'm frustrated because I'm tired. And I'm chained to my computer, clicking the day away!

    Maybe I need to be tapping about patience! :D

    God's peace, Dixie