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Jeff Harding

    Meghan said, “On an intellectual level — I fully understand that I have a money program running and that it was installed — A LONG time ago. I'm running 45's in a digital era. I completely understand how my beliefs got installed & reconfirmed hundreds of times & in fact my parent still likes to remind me of these beliefs weekly to daily. I KNOW exactly where my beliefs come from. My mind is filled with irksome cliches regarding money.”

    Girl! We must be twins of different mothers!

    God's peace, Dixie
    Hi Meghan,

    Thanks for sharing how your money beliefs have been operating in your life, how they've been installed and triggered, and what your concerns are.

    You mentioned having to Positive Click Track on the beliefs and that's a good thing, of course, however, everything you mention has to do with fears and concerns, with negative emotions and insecurities, all of which have emotional charges to them and which need to be neutralized first.

    What I would suggest is to work with the free Basic Click Tracks on all these money beliefs and concerns which you find coming up. Click on every last one of them and bring the charge that you feel down to at least a 1 and preferably 0.

    As Tim mentions in his documentation that comes with the Click Tracks and in the Get Anything You Want The Easy Way material – it is the free Click Tracks which are used to drain and remove the negative emotional charge away from the memories, but it doesn't remove the memories from you.

    So, you'll still be you. You'll still be Meghan, and you'll still have your memories. But you'll find that when you think of them, that you're no longer controlled by the emotional component that used to be associated with those negative memories, and whatever your mom does or doesn't do will no longer trigger you or any bad feelings that used to come up. Instead, you'll be able to see things objectively rather than with old habits of thinking and emotionally.

    When you are free from automatic reactions, and can view your past with a sense of relaxation and ease, then you'll be able to move forward making choices that you will work better for you, and at that point you can install new and empowering money beliefs. Make sense…?

    So, the first thing to do, is to work on the old memories, emotions, and money beliefs, using only the Click Tracks that are designed specifically for this. That would be the free Basic Click Tracks primarily. While you could use the EEF tracks, and the Accelerator tracks, I wouldn't complicate things at this point. Just keep it simple, and use the free Basic click tracks to neutralize and remove the emotional charge from the memories you have that come up around the issue of money that you are aware of

    Keep a list of the issues you work on as you proceed.

    You may find that you may need to Click Track on a particular memory for two or three consecutive days, if the resistance is very powerful and feelings quite deep. But it's the click tracks that do all the work, you just focus on the memories and the emotions one by one, letting them release their power in your life as you listen and tap, as you know one thing for sure – they do not empower you and they don't serve you well.

    As you mentioned, these current beliefs are not beliefs you would choose were you given the chance to chose your beliefs. In fact, were you given the option I think we both know you'd most certainly choose beliefs that would serve you much better, and you'd choose beliefs that would only empower you…yes? Well, this is your chance. But the first step is always to remove any existing negative emotional charge, and don't jump ahead in the process of changing or installing anything until this first step has been done…that's how it works… okay?

    This is most important, and will make all the difference for you. Start by focusing only on working with the free Basic Click track #1 on every issue that comes up, and keep track of them as you go. Once you have them all handled and there's no longer a charge to any of them as you move forward, then you can move on to the next step of the process, but not until you do this… got it?

    Personally, I save the free Basic Click track #2 for memories that are a bit more resistant. If an issue isn't responding after a minimum of three passes with the Basic Click Track #1 (though I usually do more, to be honest) then I'll give it a pass or two using Click Track #2, and that usually does it. Though I have used the EEF tracks, I've found my most effective work so far has all been accomplished with the free Basic Click Tracks #1 & #2 for the release and resolution of any charges attached to any memories from the past.

    As far as “trying” to bring up memories from ages 0 – 5, you don't really need to spend any time being concerned about that. Honestly. Just “go with the flow” and enjoy the journey. Relax and simply trust your subconscious to show you what issues are important to work on right now, and acknowledge and appreciate what it's willing to show you.

    As you go about releasing the negative charges from the memories that you can recall, your subconscious will begin to feel safer and to trust you and will begin show you related memories and associations in the way that will allow you to work through and resolve issues you may have in this area in the fastest way that's possible for you… not for anyone else, but specifically for you.

    Allow the subconscious to do what it does, and accept that it always knows what it's doing, and understand this – the subconscious doesn't like being second guessed. When you try to figure things out consciously about how things should happen and in what order, essentially telling the subconscious how to do it's job… the only thing that happens is you're met with resistance.

    So, relax and enjoy, becoming free is a pleasure…! It's like going outside on a nice spring day and smelling the air, fresh and clean again, after being cooped up all winter… who knows what you'll do once your out there, but you just know it's gonna be fun…!

    Think of this the same way. Go ahead and take on the challenge and set yourself free, there is nothing to fear, there's no danger at all, only good things await you,

    If you find you've actually released all the emotional charges using the free Basic Click Tracks, but sense there's still something there under the surface, that's what the Acceleration Tracks are for. Just listen to the long or short relaxation Acceleration tracks a few times and if there's anything still there under the surface, listening to these tracks a few times will prompt your subconscious to bring it up to your awareness for resolution and release by you… and if nothing comes up, just accept that there's nothing there to be worked on.

    By this point, you'll most certainly be ready to begin considering installing some new, more empowering beliefs… and when the time comes perhaps we can talk a bit about this…

    So, I hope this has touched on the various items you brought up and has addressed them for you thoroughly.
    Relax and remember, this is all about releasing all of the bad stuff, the stuff you wish hadn't happened in your life. So, have fun knowing a new and better life is what lays ahead… let go of any fears or apprehension and just enjoy the trip… great thing are ahead waiting for you…!

    Happy Click Tracking…!


    P.S. The long or short Acceleration Tracks are also to be used when your mind needs a break, when you've been at the Click Tracking for a bit too long and need to relax and hit the reset button – just a little tip there for you.
    Meghan —

    Glenn said, “So, the first thing to do, is to work on the old memories, emotions, and money beliefs, using only the Click Tracks that are designed specifically for this.”

    I thought I cleared a lot of this parental patterning. But, when I've used the POS tracks, the resistance comes up. That's when stuff starts bubbling up to the service and then I have to go back to the CTs. I have the EEFs and the ATT tracks, and I have found that when I use them, new memories and new junk comes up — different aspects, perhaps — that I can get rid of.

    Then, back to the POS tracks!

    It seems to be a process.

    God's peace,
    Glenn said, “P.S. The long or short Acceleration Tracks are also to be used when your mind needs a break, when you've been at the Click Tracking for a bit too long and need to relax and hit the reset button – just a little tip there for you.”

    Really? I use the ATT Relaxation tracks all the time, not just when I need a break. Usually that's when I close out my night.

    Dixie said, “I use the ATT Relaxation tracks all the time, not just when I need a break. Usually that's when I close out my night.” Hmmmm, well, which is it, Dixie? All the time, or when you close out your night? Those are two different things, and as such, each would require being responded to differently… but let me see what I can do to help you here, in any case –

    At the beginning of both the long and short relaxation acceleration tracks, Tim says the following – “This is the relaxational accelerator, which you can listen to to get the best results with PSTEC, whilst at the same time, allowing your mind some space and time to relax, as well.”

    As far as “using them all the time”, I'm not sure what you mean by that, although I can point out as well that Tim has clearly stated – “on their own, the accelerator tracks are not designed to resolve problems. That is done by the other PSTEC tracks.”

    In addition, here is some other information which Tim has provided in the instructions provided in the audio that came along with the acceleration click tracks regarding their use –

    “There are two accelerator tracks and they’re very different. One has tapping and one doesn’t. The first is relaxational. By which I mean it’s literally just my voice talking and giving some very simple instructions to follow as you or whoever you’re using it with just relax and take a breather from tapping.”

    “Now, if the click tracks are found to be very tiring, and if a bit of a rest afterward seems like a good idea, then you can use the relaxational based accelerator. It’s designed to calm the mind, providing an easier finish to any PSTEC-based session.”


    “Remember, some people find the normal PSTEC click tracks quite tiring, and under those circumstances you may choose to use the relaxational accelerator after any PSTEC session.”

    I hope this short little review has provided the insight and/or the refresher that you were looking for….

    Happy Click Tracking…!

    I use them often at the end of each session (if I have time) & in addition, at night. If I'm not mistaken, he says we can use them any time we wish, and most especially at the end of a tapping session.

    So the answer is “both!”

    Great..!. I think I nailed it then… ;-)

    Happy Click Tracking…!