Reply To: Am I the only one… stuck…not getting anywhere with this?

Meghan Saunders

    Hello –  OK — long reply:

    Outsider looking in point of view:

    1)  MANY people who have discovered and found success with pstec have also run the gamete of healing modalities, have been through years of therapy & “tried everything” — so as far as your story in comparison to other's I have come across — you are not any 'different' than the 'rest of us'.

    — many people just on this forum has spent thousands of $$ and decades of work prior to finding this modality which is working for a good number of us… we kept seeking possibilities to finding something that would work for us — and here we are!

    2)  When I dissect your words —

    “I read some EFT “expert” say that there is roughly 15% of the population that just doesn't respond to EFT” —

    to my knowledge — there is no data to support this statement and honestly, this is one person's OPINION — in my opinion:)  {Remember, we get to choose what we want to believe.  I choose to believe that statement is BS, your subcon seems to choose to believe — not only is it THE TRUTH but that, I AM for sure, most definitely in this 15% that can never be helped}.  It goes further for you.  Your subcon has decided this IMAGINARY 15% applies to — everything? — and that — no matter what — you are in this — imaginary group of helpless, hopeless people doomed to a life of ________________.

    Tim specifically states that via his study of the brain – we are not to blame for how our brain operates – but it is our limiting beliefs that prevent us from _________________.  Whatever that blank is & ALL limiting beliefs are imaginary — 100% of the time… well see — that is just a belief too — cycles cycles cycles!

    From dissecting you letter — this is what I hear from the writer:

    1)  You believe:  extinguishing this phobia is NOT child's play — especially & specifically not for you.

    2)  You believe — NOTHING can help YOU.

    3)  You believe you are special, unique and basically, too damaged to repair.

    4)  You believe yourself to be in an imaginary group of people that are beyond any help or hope and are doomed to a life a suffering.

    5)  You believe you are WAY different from the rest of us, “other people' can be helped, but NOT ME — you're basically screwed because you are clearly a part of the 15% of doomed to a life of misery — so, WHY BOTHER.

    6)  You believe you are a failure.

    7)  You believe that life is frustrating.

    8)  You believe you are immune to change!

    “So what's up?  Are some people just immune to change?”

    I'm going to go with NOT immune but RESISTANT.  It is human nature to resist change.  As William James just stated — your subconscious mind is resistant to change and trying to sabotage any efforts.  You can only act from what your subcon knows and is familiar with — it appears your subcon is dealing with several limiting beliefs that are blocking your success.

    The FREE Click Tracks are not designed to deal with your limiting beliefs.  You need to use PSTEC Positive to do that. 

    Right now your subconscious mind holds beliefs that prevent you from clearing your fear of heights as well as allowing pstec to work wonderfully and easily for you TOO!  You have convinced yourself of certain things, statements to be TRUE — well — with PSTEC Positive — YOU CAN reprogram your mind to believe WHATEVER you want it to believe.  You can convince yourself of the opposite of what your currently believe — if you want to.

    If you have been telling yourself for 30 years that there is no hope for me — I'll always be afraid of heights — & you have told countless stories about all these times, and you have told people over and over again about this fear — it may well just be a part of your 'identity' — like “I can't go there, I can't do that — because “I'm afraid of heights” — if this is your story —- well — it may take more than one or two rounds of positive click tracking to get the real results you seek.

    I will tell you this — if you truly desire to be over this fear of heights and you keep focused on overcoming this goal — and you chip away at all the years of doubt and negative nay saying you have been doing — and you focus on reprograming your mind to think in a new way — and you stick with it — keeping your ultimate goal and desire in mind — IMAGINING yourself on the edge of whatever — being FREE of your fear and standing on the top of a mountain or looking down into the grand canyon or going up in the elevator of the Sears Tower

    > you WILL overcome this fear.

    FREE CT the fear, the anxiety, the stress, the sweaty palms, the racing heart, the flip flops.  Can you remember THE FIRST TIME you felt scared of heights?????  CT on that time a few times — other times??? CT on those times.  Imagine THE WORST CASE SCENARIO — WHAT does that look like?  What does that feel like?  CT on that?  Seriously — what is THE worst thing you fear with this fear?  Maybe take a 5-10 meditation moment before a CT — as your subcon to go back into the past — back in time — past lives even — whatever it takes — ask your subcon to seek it out and clear it for you… and — BELIEVE that it CAN:)

    The beliefs need to be addressed with PSTEC Positives.  Your current beliefs appear in this letter — well, what my mind reads anyway — see if any of them feel true to you & address them one at a time and see what happens.

    This is for everyone out there — it really comes down to this — a Classic quote by Henry Ford:  “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right.”  (@Jeff: this is as K.I.S.S. as it gets) — also re-read The Little Engine that Could — it's like this old sage change the way you think story and get er' done!!!! 

    * In March 2011, the story is going to adapt as a 3-D animated film featuring the voices of Whoopi Goldberg, Jamie Lee Curtis, Alyson Stoner, and Corbin Bleu.  Maybe just in time to influence many:)

    ~ to every reader's success ~ Meghan