Reply To: Shyness…social anxiety

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Martin!

    I appreciate you sharing your experiences… openly talking bout this can not only help you, but others as well…mahalo for that gift!

    My first comment is you are moving along very well in terms of allowing the experiences and feelings to come up… sometimes it takes a bit to allow the feelings and the memories to surface consciously, so persistence is the number one characteristic necessary for any change work because while there are guidelines, well, rules are always proven wrong at some juncture by someone.

    Also, good point regarding the PSTEC Positive (PP)… there are two basic results when running PP:

    1. The Positive Statement or Target lands well and “feels” true and begins to give you confidence…
    2. It just does not seem quite right and the subconscious begins to serve up the reasons why it isn't.
    3. [/list]If #2 occurs, take that information from the sub… the gifts… and follow the feelings… the clues to the memories and feelings to use with the Click Tracks until the contrary thoughts and feelings are neutralized.

      Then, revisit with the PP again.

      So, in terms of social anxiety situations, if you can target a particular future event where you wish to participate, but without any anxiety, then you have something to target and work with that is tangible and where you can “test” out your progress in letting go.

      Here is a download link from a recent interview I have done with Meghan. She illustrates exactly what I am talking about here…
      (I have not published this yet, so you're getting one of the first listens to this… very nice contribution by Meghan)

      Lastly… consider purchasing the Accelerator Package and incorporating that with your PSTEC work… it will speed things up for you… hence the title! :- )