Reply To: Shyness…social anxiety

Jeff Harding

    Hi Martin,

    Thanks for bringing up that popular perception and while I am not saying it is wrong, it is used out of context and you touched on that as well.

    Think about this in regards to “…delving too much into the negative…”; if you wish to avoid the negative, what is the reason? Is it fear of making it real? Well, when avoidance or fear enter your BEing, then there will be conflict. In other words, it is an indication of disharmony within your mind between the subconscious and conscious mind.

    So, as far as dealing with the negative, you are merely identifying it (as you said) in order to heal, let go, etc.

    When using the PP, as I said in this thread, you are either using it to achieve that desire or to help expose the barriers in the way. You are not focusing on the negatives as they come up, but you are also not avoiding them. They have been presented to your conscious mind by the subconscious for your consideration and choice…

    1. You can either heal and let it go… allow forgiveness of others and self to enter…


    2. You can ratify or approve of that barrier by agreement outwardly to comply and continue with that memory or memories and emotions… and/or… just ignore it, which the subconscious takes as approval to hand onto the junk… to keep the negative near and dear to your heart (thereby closing it down).
    3. [/list]
      So, avoiding or ignoring the negative is not a long-term successful strategy.

      Again, as you said, Identify them,run the Click Track and be done with them!