Reply To: Agoraphobia, Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Jeff Harding

    Hi Jeff,

    My apologies for taking time to answer your post. I was well involved with the holidays and also had computer problems – I won't even begin to to tell you lol!

    Well, you have given great advice Jeff, and I have followed through and still have more to go.

    The tightness in my chest is more manageable. I have been going out, unfortunately, there is still the “what ifs?” before and when I step outside the door and I suffered near panic attacks a couple of times, just outside my comfort zone.

    The real point is I feel improvements and I have you and Tim to thank. I will post my progress here when I have any good news. Also, I am here if any of the members require my support or help.

    Best wishes William James


    Hi Jeff and all,

    I have taken a while to get back to this forum as I wanted to come back with something positive.

    Unfortunately,  I am still having a bad time going out (leaving my home and going outside my comfort zone). The positive is, I can have some good days and I walk to the shops no problem.

    Then another day I get so far and the thoughts in my head, such as: what if I panic? What if I can't get back? Then I tell myself not to be so ridiculous! There is no threat! You are fine! Look at those kids! Look at that old man! They can do it, so can you!! Nothing is going to bite you in the ass!!

    I sometimes stop and go to turn around and run back home, but if I do that, the thought of failure will stay with me  for days, and my confidence is so shattered it is like having to pick up the pieces one by one till eventually I have the courage to try again.

    I am doing everything Jeff advised. Seems agoraphobia (fear of leaving the security of your home because I fear a panic attack in the street) is the most dreadful stubborn phobia to get rid of.

    Believe me I have tried many energy healing modalities, EFT for one. One more thing: I have a chronic tight chest all the time. It only changes with intensity.

    I know PSTEC has helped more than any other technique, but it looks as though this is  a long road ans is going to take time and persistence. I look forward to the day when I can come to this forum and say I HAVE DONE IT!!! I AM FREE!!! I AM ME AGAIN!!

    Best wishes,
    William James

    PS: As agoraphobia is so difficult to overcome, I wonder if Tim could do a CT
    especially for agoraphobia?