Reply To: Adapting too quickly to the Click Tracks

Jeff Harding

    Thanks again, Jeff.

    After two very long rounds of tapping I could still easily and strongly feel the emotion without any change. I thought that the tapping was meant to be a pattern interrupt and that pattern interrupts work very quickly. But even if this is the case, your words have led me to realise that there are other techniques Tim is using which also work to erase the negative emotion. Pattern interrupts are just a small part of the audios. So I'm happy to assume I made the wrong assumption and have not adapted. :) This gives me hope, and I will run through the emotion again.

    As I said in my previous email, I do love the audios, and I know I only have a small understanding of the techniques he uses. So I'm trusting in his deep experience and just suspending any doubts.

    I am still curious about the positive click tapping question though. ;)