Reply To: Do I need PSTEC Level 1

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Yes, the Level 1 is very, very worthwhile. As Wil says in one of the PSTEC Interviews…

    … it helps to know how your mind words and this is the beginning of being able to understand the inner workings a bit which will make your “self help” easier and even quicker.

    I recently did an update interview with Wil (not yet available) on the use of the Advanced Package for self-help and, yes, it can be an excellent tool to help you understand more and more about how the mind works. So, yes, I would recommend it after becoming familiar with Level 1.

    Ah, abundance and wealth in all areas of life…nice broad, but wonderful subject!

    I will say a resounding “YES” that PSTEC is geared for that entire, broad subject. In fact, coming very, very soon is a new audio package from Tim on how to use PSTEC to achieve almost anything in life. So, it will address weight loss, money issues, success and more.

    Think about this…

    You have experienced the Basic Click Tracks to clear issues that are in the way and also PSTEC Positive to establish your desires. Doesn't that just about cover everything necessary in dealing with your inner world to allow abundance in health, relationships, business and all matters related to finances or other energetic aspects of Life… in other words, everything in Life?!!!

    So, stayed tuned for more and in the meantime, keep clicking on the issues that are barriers to your desires and using Positive for your desires in life.

    If you need help, come on over here again to the forum!

    Keep experimenting and clickin'!