Reply To: Pstec and trading

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Louis,

    Here are some notes directly from Tim on using PSTEC for Trading…

    A couple suggestions on how to approach the issues… these suggestions are quite general as they can apply to almost anything:

    • Take the fear that arises when thinking about trading and ask yourself the questions related to: “What is familiar about these emotions and feelings?… When have I felt this emotions before?”

      You begin to allow your subconscious (sub) to reveal the Cause of these emotions that stop you dead in your tracks.  As the specific memories/events/imagined events are revealed, use the Click Tracks (CT) on them.

    • Imagine actually doing a trade… observe the feelings that come up.  Take that imagined event and the feelings and use the CT on them.
    • Imagine failing at trading… what if you pour your time, effort and money into it and it fails miserably?  How would you feel?  Take that imagined event… could be more than one scenario… along with the feelings and run your CT.

      Now, this is not very popular because many people are clamoring that we 'must stay positive and not focus on the negative.'  Two points on this subject…

    • Avoiding the “worst case scenario” out of fear… which is where most people go… does not empower you, does it?  Any avoidance is giving that which you avoid, your power, your energy.  So, avoiding the negative for the purpose of trying not to give it attention, well, by avoiding it, you give it CONSTANT attention, if not consciously, then subconsciously… it's always there.
    • In this suggestion, we are focusing on the fear for one reason, to identify and to let it go… to release it… to heal.  Once healed, you no longer have to avoid it and it will not occupy your mind whatsoever and NOT take any of your energy.  You will no longer hold onto the fear… no longer a part of you.  A nice proposition, yah?  You will be done once and for all when you release all the fear, but sometimes you have to identify it to let it go.  So, it's not that you are focusing on failing, but you are willing to look at your fear of that failure.
    • [/list]That's just a start on the emotional side… when you move some of that emotional barrier away, then you can begin to dip in using PSTEC Positive on the beliefs and behavior… cool stuff.  And, when it comes to anything related to money issues, abundance and wealth, there is a slew of misnomers, confusion, fear and, let's be honest, out and out lies.

      So, consider getting “How to Achieve Almost Anything – The Easy Way” as well because it outlines your approach to wealth issues and how to use the PSTEC Tools.