Reply To: Anxiety is back

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Pam,

    The comments from anyone here will not include any advice on medications to take or not take… that is the realm of certified medical professionals and you must consult with your doctor on subject or category.  Also, be sure to review the official PSTEC Legal and Disclaimer Notice on what issues can be addressed with PSTEC .

    PSTEC has provided a lasting solution for many people throughout the world in many categories.  Also, people are using PSTEC in areas that were not originally recommended, so just be sure you take responsibility for its use.

    Those that are finding long lasting solutions, use PSTEC consistently and properly according to Tim's instructions.

    When we have deep seated fears and other unpleasant reactions, it may take some time to “unseat” them because the subconscious (sub) does not enjoy quick and drastic changes, for the most part, unless we approach it in a way that is acceptable to the sub.

    So, as you can see, the sub is very powerful.  Despite trying to maybe ignore, suppress, use medications, etc.; the sub still finds a way to “express” itself within you as well as outwardly. There is something to be healed within your mind model… the thoughts and conclusions of the sub.  When we ignore those signals… the communication… from the sub… like a child not getting attention… the sub can act up to higher and higher degrees to get your attention.

    My compliments, Pam, for looking at this and beginning to pay attention to healing rather than suppressing or just coping.

    So, the aim of PSTEC is all about finding harmony within yourself between your conscious mind and your sub in an empowering way.  When those are in harmony in an empowering way (i.e. pleasant feelings and experiences), then you begin to unleash your unlimited potential.

    Ah, first, let's get to the fundamentals…

    Follow the process and instructions from Tim and begin with the memories that are foremost in your mind… in your post here, you have several clues to begin:
    I've been suffering from anxiety for 7 years already. It started when I was 15 years old. There were lots of pressure in school then.  Begin to look at specific memories from then that you mention here and others that “come up” when you do your PSTEC work…

    • I had to maintain my rank 1 standing,
    • lead a volleyball team during athletic meets,
    • write articles for the school publication,
    • play table tennis for the school,
    • lead the detachment (I was corps commander then)
    • my father always pushed me so hard to excel in everything
    • Everybody was looking up at me (or that was what I thought) and the pressure was intense.
    • my father told me that I looked emaciated.
    • I studied in our premier university and had to graduate with honors (the pressure was coming from me already)
    • [/list]Now, some of these may be specific enough, some may be general.  Look at each as a category and ask yourself, what was the evidence of this… when do I remember specifically feeling this way and experiencing this? When you are focusing on a memory, look at it as a time and place and/or person if someone else is involved.  Go to that memory, then rate the emotion/feeling the memory invokes and take those two pieces (the memory AND the emotion) and those will be your focus for the Click Track (CT).  Then, follow Tim's instructions on the CT.

      So, you are looking to heal the memories and will allow you to basically let them go emotionally.  As you do this, your model of the world will begin to change.  Your perception of Reality will change.

      You are looking to find the emotional source or cause of your anxiety and unburden yourself.  As you do this, there will be changes…notice those changes.  When you begin to dismantle the cause of the anxiety, the very foundation that your sub is basing its conclusions, then a new mind model will begin to develop to replace the old one.

      Just begin with what's on your mind most and proceed with persistence and consistency and let us know how you are doing.