Reply To: Feeling irritable when doing the Click Tracks

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Jacqueline,

    Not unusual really… I have heard this before.  But, most importantly, everyone can react differently.

    So, the irritation could be releasing… could be a resistant response to letting go… could be an additional feeling that is held in regards to the issue or event you were working on.  For example, if you feel sad about a past event and work with the CT; you may have anger follow that.  So, you run the CT with the memory and the anger.  One way to test to completeness of the release of that event is to look at the people involved and ask yourself how you feel about them and if there anything else other than unconditional caring (no, you don't have to send them a holiday card and hang out at Starbucks) for that person, then there just may some remaining emotional feelings you are harboring toward them.

    When you feel non-J.E.E.P.* (such as irritation), look for the source or cause and clear it up so that it is less likely to occur again.  Non-JEEP feelings are an opportunity or they are clues to what is held within the subconscious that is in the way of your Highest Good… of your unlimited potential.  In other words, when non-JEEP comes up it's time to go to work (play) with your PSTEC.

    The most important questions to ask yourself (to ask your subconscious) is when was this irritation familiar?  What does that feeling remind you of and when have you felt that before?  When was the first time you remember having that feeling?  … questions like that.

    If it dissipates and never returns, don't worry about it.  If the event has nothing but JEEP going on which can appear to be neutral (aka peaceful), then move on.

    Think about the feelings after the irritation leaves, what is that feeling?  It it's JEEP and the event seems peaceful (or also JEEP), then nothing to worry about.  If the irritation persists, then perhaps a little more work needs to be done.


    * J.E.E.P. (joy, enthusiasm, excitement, peace)