Reply To: Anyone tried the weight loss pstec?

Jeff Harding


    Here are some audios on two different aspects from the same person, Rhonda… she was kind enough to just volunteer this information in audio form…

    Wil in the second interview I did with him (referenced and linked in another post on this board, talks about how his weight dropped as a side benefit of other emotional issues that he cleared away in his PSTEC work.

    We will have more resources coming for you in the area of weight loss that will be quite helpful to those that need some guidance.

    Most times, that's all we need is a little personal guidance to get us moving in the right direction.  You might consider using the PSTEC Registry for someone that can guide you along and help you target the PSTEC tools more effectively.

    Take your time and review the tutorial with the package several times to help you get more intimately familiar with the process and the mind set.  You mentioned that you have “done a few parts”… what parts would those be?