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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Borut,

    Ah, thoughts… they can mean very different things.

    We are looking at thoughts as representations.  They are representations of what our current Mind Model is that is created and protected by the subconscious.

    So, thoughts can be movies or videos of past memories or future imagined events. They can be pictures of someone’s expression or body language.  Also, it can be something we feel or experience with our body.  It can also be something someone said to us.  And, of course, there are an infinite number of possibilities.

    What is important and makes your personal work easy is to LISTEN.  Get QUIET and LISTEN to your subconscious for the thoughts…  aka: communication … about what’s going on in there!

    Very important:  You will go much farther and quicker when you pair up BOTH memories/imagined events AND emotions/feelings.
    With that said, here are some answer about your two particular questions…

    • Tim added his comment about not using the reminder phrase…

      I believe you are referring to the PSTEC Interview with Estelle where Tim added a little audio comment in the middle for a few minutes.

      Absolutely!  DO NOT use reminder phrases as that may enforce the disempowering issue that you are attempting to transcend in the first place because as you use the Click Tracks, it is allowing you to shift and let go of the emotional issues your subconscious (sub) is “attached” to while at the same time there are suggestions going through to the sub to allow you to transcend the issues you are focusing on and when you repeat reminder phrases, those can become suggestions to your sub as well!!!  Yikes!

      As Tim mentioned in that interview, you can PERHAPS use a one word reminder to keep you focused on that emotion/feeling, but, again, be careful not to use phrases that will communication to your sub the reinforcement of that issue.

    • Or can you also focus on the words that were said at that specific even?

      Once again, DO NOT use phrases like that!!

    • So, what do you do when these phrases or “self talk” goes on as you said here,“my thought can be I'm no good enough, I can't make it happen, I'm not as good as anybody else?  Can you focus on this as well or not?”
      Once again… DO NOT focus on that phrase, but here’s what you do.If we get QUIET and LISTEN and ask the right questions, we can find the source of those statements.

      So, let’s suppose you find that the statement (for example: You’re not good enough) or something like it was repeated for years from your teacher… or you may find many people saying similar things to you.

      Here is one way you handle this with the Click Tracks…Focus on your teacher that said it… the memory you have… while holding onto the feelings that come up and run the click track.

      You see, you are not repeating a phrase, but allowing the past experience that the sub is holding onto to justify FEELING that you are not worthy and then running the Click Tracks on that.

      We don’t come up with these conclusions that are disempowering for nothing.

      We learned them from something, someone or somewhere.

      Now, use of the Accelerators can help to speed this up because they will help to encourage your sub to reveal more and more of the sources of the various issues you have so that you can target them and zap them with the CT.

    • [/list][/list]Keep discovering… keep allowing those thoughts… the communication from your sub…  to come through and then keep on clickin’!