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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Mirko… again, it depends upon the issue…

    Ok, I am going to go a bit deeper with you here and talk about some of the Art of Using PSTEC and go beyond the simple process.  The “Art” I am referring to is from experience, experimentation and sometimes intuition…  So, as you become more familiar with using PSTEC, you will become better and  better at just KNOWING how to approach something because you are more “in tune” with your mind and you see the wholeness and your mind and are using it more efficiently…

    Here we go…  (these examples are very simplistic just for illustration)…

    • Let's say you have a blushing issue and you have 10 memories that seem very much at the source of the issue .  I probably would not use the PP until most of those memories felt pretty clear because, in this example, they are all directly a part of the source of your emotional issue.

      This approach is also more generalized and that's the other reason for this approach.

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    • But, if you were working on an issue of social anxiety and want to go out to a function and mingle with people and dance and socialize, but you feel anxious about it… clear it up until you feel pretty neutral about going.  So, you will, most likely work on memories associated with the anxious feelings and then also use the CT's on the imagined event of going to the function.  Then, use PP in suggesting a desire on how you want to feel and behave at the function.
    • [/list]Make sense so far?

      Couple aspects to be aware of…

    • As you use PP once you believe the emotions are somewhat clear, other emotions and memories may arise… note these, go back to the CT to clear those new found emotions… get them to 0-1 … then proceed with the PP again.
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    • If you are physically going to a function as described above, when you arrive, new emotions may be come more clear.  That's ok, just jot them down and get back to the CT's when you have time.  Again, when they are 0-1, go back to PP and go back to test it out at a similar function again.
    • [/list]Be flexible… be aware … listen to your mind as it “speaks” to you and you will become excellent at listening and KNOWING what to do in your self help.

      Of course, if you feel stuck, check the PSTEC Register and see if someone can help guide you.