Reply To: Constructing Imaginary Events

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hey dutch…

    On imaginary events, it depends… (don't you love that type of answer?)…

    When I use imaginary events, I am allowing the sub to do that work, rather than take my conscious mind and craft it's own version.  You see, we are working with the sub, more so, than the conscious mind, so I want to be certain I am not ignoring the sub on these issues.

    So, when I have a “glimpse” or a hint of the memory, then I can “fill in the blanks” perhaps to craft an imaginary event.  For example, if you were bullied when you were young, who were some of the bullies you remember from back then?  Let's say you remember being bullied in grade school by the Notorious Nathan… OK, how did he bully you?  Physically… with words?  If you said, he used to push me around, then imagine NN pushing you around as a little one; how does that feel?  Maybe fearful…

    Now take that imagined event of being bullied by NN… being pushed around… pair it up with the fear and run the CT on it.

    As you can see, even before using an imaginary event, I asked a few more questions to get some of the details and then have you fill in the blanks.

    So, before you conclude that you cannot remember, ask more questions of yourself and be sure to be patient about an answer coming from the sub… even if it takes a day or two to allow the answers… be patient because it's not likely you have listened well to the sub for quite some time.

    Engender Trust from the sub and, like when we deal with little ones, it may take time for them to Trust our conscious mind.

    Make sense?