Reply To: have no clue where to start

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi saxman,

    I appreciate you writing because I know you are a bit frustrated and it's easy to just say, 'Forget about it,' but you are persisting and asking questions to get the answers.  My compliments and in the immortal words of Beth (my wife), “Good Job!!!”

    Let's see what we can do for you…

    I have a few points for you here and then a specific recommendation at the end…

    • Do not worry about using PSTEC Positive (PP) as yet until you are moving some emotions… in other words, letting go of some emotional aspects.

      If you attempt to rush forward to “get to the end” and feel good because you want to end the pain, it will be a difficult road because “wanting to end the pain” involves some avoidance and that makes the journey more difficult than it needs to be.  That's one reason I see people try and use PP, they just want to get to the end and feel good.

      Also, resistance can get in the way and might even discourage you.

      You can use PP in these situations, but it's probably more helpful with someone to guide you with the results so, for now, if working on your own, use PP when emotions are not running so intensely.

    • Not sure what memories to work on?  Just allow your subconscious to present memories to you that are relevant (part of the cause).

      Use my E.P.I.C. to find those memories… you can get the pdf here at no charge …

    • Be sure when you use the Click Track (CT) or EEF, that you focus on two things for now as you learn to use PSTEC effectively…

      1. A specific memory.  Be sure that the memory has a place and time…
        start with them as specific as possible.
      2. A specific emotion or feeling… rate that as best you can ONLY for that specific memory.
      3. [/list]So, you always focus on those two aspects and the level of intensity of the emotion is not important, just that you try as hard as you can to feel the feeling or emotion.

    • Don't worry about past life, this life, etc.  Also, do not “think” so much about the cause or why this happened.  Just focus on the feeling, as in the E.P.I.C. instructions and then let the sub tell you what memory is just
      like that feeling or emotion.

      Again, don't think so much… LISTEN … listen to the sub communicate with you through emotions, feelings, memories, images, videos, events, sounds, etc.  Let it come to you.

    • [/list]Recommendation…
      When you are feeling stuck like this, you may just need a bit of a nudge to get going, so please consider a session with someone from the PSTEC Registry, not so much to “heal you” but to guide you in tuning to the sub communication of memories and emotions and then how to target PSTEC tools to let them go.
      Also, some people need help in how to assess their feelings and how to recognize sub communications.
      So, no, saxman, it's not about being immune to the cure or anything along those lines, it's about how to operate the tools which involves getting to know yourself and perhaps you just need a little personal guidance on how to kick start your efforts on this path.
      Try some of the points above first and then call on someone to help if you still feel stuck.