Reply To: Questions coming out of the Mike Wells interview by Jeff.

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator


    Communication with the Subconscious (sub)
    Communication with your sub is something that takes some time and practice for most people, so if you get “in the quiet” with patience then you will discover your “listening styel.”

    When I listen, I do nothing else, including no CT'ing because I consider using PSTEC or anything else as speaking “to” the sub, so that does not qualify as listening.

    I listen to the sub with respect, honor, trust and reverence… not because I want something from it, but because “it is.”  What happens when I approach the sub with this perspective is that harmony eventually ensues and becomes easier and easier to be in sync and, therefore, working together.  We serve our BEingness together.

    I have a “knowing” when the sub communicates to me consciously… difficult to explain and that's why you will do best to discover your own personal communication … nothing more personal than this one, my friend.

    Do you want to know one of the most important benefits of the CT's?

    They calm the chatter, thereby, allowing you to get quiet and listen rather than constantly ignoring or talking over the sub.

    Getting Used to the CT's
    As I pointed out in the interview with Mike, he uses the CT's probably just as much or more than most people and has been using them on a regular basis for about a year straight because when he works with children, he listens to the CT as well and makes sure they are following along.

    So, if anyone would be getting used to the CT's, it would be him and, as he demonstrated, they are still just as potent as ever.

    Be careful about concluding that the CT's are not working for you.  Many time, that is just our resistance to change coming up.  This is not about your consciously getting used to them, but the sub assimilating them.

    As you pointed out, with the CT's, the EEF's and the Accelerator Tapping Tracks, well, it will take a long time to assimilate all of those.

    If you do feel it's a problem, then you can do the “stretch” as instructed by Tim in the Level 1 Therapist Tutorial.  The Stretch will ensure that you can go with CT's indefinitely and maintain their effectiveness.

    Support in Keeping You on Track
    There have been requests and comments for some support as you suggested.

    I will be sending out a survey soon to get an idea of what kind of either personal or group support will help, so stay tuned.