Reply To: Social Anxiety

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Sanela,

    Alright… quite a few thoughts and feelings swirling around there, yeah?

    Your thoughts are about K.I.S.S, Sanela… that's Keep It Simple Sweetheart!  Good way to start.

    Here's my J.E.E.P. (joy, enthusiasm, excitement, peace) model to KISS…

    1. Feeling non-JEEP? Yes, go to #2 … No, go to #3
    2. Follow E.P.I.C. … here is a free copy of EPIC
      Bring two things to the Click Track (CT) round, a memory or imagined event AND the emotion or feeling.  That's what you concentrate on… that is where you focus in on during the CT.  Run the CT until it's 0-1
      (Note: other memories and imagined events may come up; WRITE THEM DOWN so you can CT them later)
    3. Feeling J.E.E.P.?  Focus on that feeling. Yes, go to #4… No, go to #1
    4. What do you desire?  Think about taking action on that desire… what do you do next?  Imagine doing that.  How do you feel about it?
    5. Still feeling JEEP? Yes, Go to #6… No, Go to #1
    6. You can reinforce the JEEP feelings with your goal/target/desire and run the PSTEC Positive and/or #7
    7. Go take action!  Live Life and enjoy your JEEP… drive it everywhere you wish!
    8. [/list]How's that for step by step?

      KISS, right?

      Those are the fundamentals.

      So, for you, some specifics…

      the more I use PSTEC the less it seems to work

      You are probably not targeting PSTEC effectively… this happend quite often when we tend to not look at our issues… afraid to look.

      I'm really good at it and don't have to think much about it

      I'm not sure what you mean by “don't have to think much about it”… when you run the CT, you should be trying as hard as you can to focus on the memory/imaged event AND the emotion/feeling.  It takes concentration.

      which memories I should be focusing on, stuff from the past or things that make me nervous about the future

      Use the JEEP step by step above and as you focus on the anxiety feeling, memories come up… WRITE THEM DOWN … note each one and run the CT on each one.  Start with the earliest memories first because, sometimes, the subsequent ones lose their intensity as well, but be WILLING to go through them and you will find they release much more quickly.

      Keep up the good work (play?)… approach this lightly and respectfully for all aspects and part of your Mind.