Reply To: What order should I work on

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi oz,

    Well, here's my short answer, “It depends.”

    Ok, not helpful by itself… here we go…

    • Here's the best overall answer… Listen.

      Listen to your Mind… your sub … your Highest Resource.  So, because the answers are with you, in fact, you ARE the Answer; it does depends because everyone's path is a little different.

      So, listen to your subconscious in finding out the source of the issues.  Be open and listen to the communications coming through via images, thoughts, emotions, feelings, memories, imagined future events, etc.

      As you rebuild your life, be sure you are rebuilding with a strong foundational mind model and that is something that you can now build or alter both consciously and subconsciously!  Very cool!

      Find harmony with your conscious and subconscious mind and that harmony will allow you to BE the Answer through the unlimited Higher Resources that are not only yours, but also are actually the Truth of Who You ARE.

    • As you listen and find memories and imagined events that are not pleasant or empowering, be sure to write them down.

      Writing is the doing part of thinking.

      You can take this List and approach your PSTEC work in a Non-Specific Repatterning Way.  This means you merely keep clearing whatever comes up.  If it does not support or ratify your Magnificence, clear it with PSTEC!
      Simple, yeah?

      So, you will have a journal or notebook with The List.

      The List will have specific memories or imagined events and with each memory and imagined event, you list the emotion or feeling and rate it.

      As you get the emotion or feeling around ONLY THAT SPECIFIC memory or imagined event, you cross it off.  Check back in a few days or so and retest to see that it's still 0-1.

    • Note: I know the list may seem huge and insurmountable, but, as you said, if you do one a day, you will be done with that list soon.  just keep at it… Plus, as you neutralize certain “key” memories, other will just fall away, so you will find that some don't need to be addressed any longer with the CT.
    • [/list]

    • The Order… if you can handle it, go with the more intense specific memories on your List first.  Quite often, when you clear a major, intense memory, other subsequent ones drop their intensity too.

      Also, if you start with the older memories, same results may occur.  Now, this can be where you encounter some resistance because your sub is used to burying those old ones or they may be too intense, so various approaches can help you get there that are quite lengthy to mention and talk about here.

      If you are stuck where you feel you cannot access something or resist it, consider finding someone in the PSTEC Registry to help you over the phone or Skype.

    • How Much… How Often … well, it depends… oops, sorry  ;) … go with your feelings on this.  If you are tired and irritable about it, do it later.  If you find the tired and irritable ALWAYS comes up, consider it resistance and address it.

      But, take it easy on yourself… maybe do one item on the List per day or maybe two.  That means with some items on the List you may have to run the CT more than once, but consider neutralizing one item or two as a session which may include multiple runs of the CT.

      I would keep the CT rounds to maybe 3-5 per session… again, depends on the individual.  Some do more, some less because it also depends upon what you are working on and just how pivotal or foundational the item is to your mind model.

      But, if you do one or two items a day, that's great progress!!!  Be consistent, but be gentle.

    • [/list]As a good friend of mine says…

      “Self Awareness without Self Kindness is Self Abuse.”

      You are harmonizing and mentoring your Mind… do it with Love, Forgiveness and Kindness… and be Unconditional About all three!