Reply To: What order should I work on


    Hi Jeff,

    Yesterday I was working on an issue, and by the end of a couple rounds, felt it drop to about  a 1.  I went on with my day, when for some reason(s) that I wasn't conscious of, or what specifically triggered me, I just felt angry.  I immediately felt I lost my good feeling with the issue I had worked on with the CT, and felt anxious all over again. I do not think the reason for my anger was connected to my issue at all.  It was over something with someone, but not sure which particular aspect.

    I ended up having another anxiety ridden sleepless night and around 12-1am I got up and did the CT on the anger I was feeling. After one round I felt like it was cleared almost 100%, however, unfortunately, the anxiety remained and I still l could not sleep.

    I wonder if what I am experiencing is some type of self-sabotage, and  if so how
    do I deal with this?  Besides doing the CT I also did the Accelerator Relaxation track 2x.

    Best, Bloom