Reply To: "Positive Enpowered" Hypnotic Audio Package

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    PSTEC Positive is what I consider a PSTEC Essential because it is an excellent tool in shifting beliefs and behaviors.  Also, it is one of Tim's tools (OK, I just had a flash of Tim Allen from Home Improvement and Tool Time… sorry about that)… anyway, this is one of Tim's Tools that can be used on almost anything related to beliefs or behaviors.  So, being that it is also a part of PSTEC Level 1, I would go for that package first.  Level 1 includes…

    • EEF's (Enhanced Effectiveness) tracks… stronger Click Tracks
    • Success with PSTEC and PSTEC Positive
    • Level 1 Therapists Tutorial (also recommended when using PSTEC for Self Help)
    • [/list]That package is the greatest value, in my opinion because if you purchase the EEF's and PP separately it's almost the same price as PSTEC Level 1 that comes with the therapist tutorial.

      Peak Performance is an “add-on” to PSTEC Positive and includes a tutorial and a hypnotic track you can use on a regular basis to “tune your mind” in empowered directions of thoughts and, therefore, actions AND, of course, experiences.