Reply To: Proper Mindset for PSTEC

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Your intention and confidence is always a factor… not the only factor, but it is a factor.

    Also, if the emotions are still quite high, don't worry so much about beliefs and behaviors… continue with the CT's on emotional memories and imagined future events.

    With that said…

    If you find yourself confused and truly feeling stuck, please find someone that can help guide you, at least for a bit, so you can gain some momentum until you can take over your change work yourself.  It's not that PSTEC or this type of work is complicated, it's just that when we are in the midst of our problems, challenges, issues; well, it can be daunting and then we perceive it as being complicated or complex and we become stagnant.

    What we need sometimes is a helping hand… someone to guide us along not only with the use of PSTEC and targeting it most effectively, but someone to remind us of a few things…

    • To point out your progress along the way… to remind your of the major shifts as well as help notice the subtle ones as well.
    • To remind you of your magnificence that is there, but covered up by your attachment, mostly subconsciously, to the past and the pain from the past.
    • To help you stay our of your “head”… help you to not be intellectual about this and let you communicate with your subconscious by being aware when the clues arrive and then targeting them properly with PSTEC.
    • And, to help sort out memories, imagined events, emotions and feelings.
    • [/list]So, peruse the PSTEC Registry and find someone you KNOW will be good to work with and remember, most use the phone or Skype so you don't have geography as an issue.
      Remember, we are all in this together and many people have gone through what you are going through and can be of great help!

      Investing what is necessary to free yourself of dis-empowering emotions, belief and behaviors is worth it… YOU are worth it!