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Jeff Harding
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    Hi Magnatolia!

    Magnatolia?  ???

    Ok, you are moving in the right direction and while I cannot say it “won't work”… I can say that in most cases it won't work.

    Here's why…

    There are 3 aspects that Tim talks about when we are shifting the Mind Model (MM)… that's our model of reality or perception… emotions, beliefs and behaviors.  Truth be told, emotions are probably the stronger of the three in terms of motivation for us… you have seen how emotions can get out of control, yeah?

    When you say, “… I have a negative sensation I work out what the statement would be then switch it into a positive more empowering statement and use the positive click track.”
    … you are skipping an essential aspect and those are the underlying emotions… they can be like a ticking time bomb.

    Some people attempt to do this to avoid the emotions for various reasons, but, ultimately, you cannot avoid them.  Ignore them over and over again and they will rear their powerful heads.  Generally, the more you avoid them, suppress them, deny them; the nastier they get… like ignored children.  So, be careful about that.

    Tim always says, handle the emotions first.  So, yes, yes, yes, there is priceless and absolute value in using the Click Tracks on the emotions!

    If you are afraid to go there… to the negative emotions… use the Click Tracks on the fear of going there.  Just imagine working on the negative emotions, try hard to feel the fear and get it to 0-1… then proceed to release the various negative feelings that come up using the Click Tracks and that will pave the way for the suggestions you wish to make.

    You see, if the emotions remain, then when you make suggestions with PSTEC Positive (PP), those suggestions may be rejected or ignored by the subconscious (sub).  Have you ever noticed in your own experience and watching others how “affirmations”… by themselves… are not successful very often?  That is just one reason.

    By the way, they are not “negative click tracks” because you can use the Click Tracks on ANY emotion… they do not discriminate.  So, for example, if you have an addiction to something and it excites you and drives you to ends that are not desired or healthy, you can CT the excited feeling with that activity.  You can also do it with cravings, etc.

    When the emotion is 0-1, then, do what you are doing… craft a positive that is the opposite of what you were doing previously that you do not desire… craft on in the direction of your desire/goal/target.

    Onto some of your specifics…

    • “'Everything I say and do is attractive to beautiful women”
    • [/list] That's a tough one for two main reasons, but a good start… “is attractive to beautiful women”; here you would be attempting to “influence or control someone else” and that is usually not successful and can backfire with your subconscious in various ways.  Also, “Everything I say and do…”  is quite vague and when something is very vague, it can be difficult for the sub to “grab hold of” and understand, so it may just ignore it.

      Here's a suggestion:
      “When I talk with beautiful women I feel confident and at ease.”

      You see?  No control over them, plus, it's an “if-then”… when you are talking with them, you are confident and at ease.  It's all about your ability to respond as cool and confident… good, right?

    • Peak Performance is more for a SPECIFIC action, goal, target.  So, not so much for broad, general characteristics and manifestations.
    • [/list]
      You can use PSTEC Positive for shifting your perception of your physical aspects of life… for example, did you listen to the Interview I did with Karen Phizackerely?  check it out… she very simply used PSTEC Positiive and note, I asked, she did not have any emotional issues around it so her sub was clear to receive the suggestions.

    • this is a 'personality' shift rather than just an individual belief is the peak performance better suited for that?
    • [/list] No, PSTEC Positive would be more appropriate to build a new Mind Model to support the characteristics you desire to express in life.

    • I'd also like to increase my sexual vibe/attractiveness. What's the best way to go about that?
    • [/list]This is about BEing… this is about BEing attractive… not about what you say or do.  So, imagine BEing attractive… even look for a model of what you feel that would be… then begin to look at what the characteristics of BEing attractive truly are.

      Be sure to handle the emotional issues in the way.

      Also, be careful as you assess what those characteristics are… your assessment may come subconsciously from fear or other negative feelings and beliefs, so, be careful about how you are taking control of your desires too strictly and then forcing them.  When we force our issues, there will always be backlash.

    • I'm steering away from the negative click tracks
    • [/list]This fear of not wanting to go there… a very worthy opportunity to find some issues that, when cleared, will pave the way for some freedom you may have not ever (or not for a long time) Truly experienced.