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Jeff Harding
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    You're always welcome.

    Here are some comments on your Positive Statements…

    • “I am just as attractive as any girl/that girl”… this is probably too complex for your subconscious to consider because your sub may not be ok with you being attractive in the same way as a girl because you are not a girl … do you see the possible “literal” interpretation here?
    • [/list]You must “think” like your subconscious.  Your desires and statements could seem logical consciously, but may lose translation when they get to the sub. Keep your communication with your statements simple.

    • “I am the champion of my life' – Champions fight for their cause, focus, knowingness, courage, make the hard choices etc

      This is on the right track, but is a bit vague… there is complex meaning to you consciously, but the sub may not pick up that meaning.  If you can target something specific that represents it, such as: “I am focused like a champion when I go to the gym.”  Then, you are giving the sub not only something specific, but also when to trigger it.  Let's try a dating example, “I am confident and at ease like a champion when I go to the dance club.”… something like that.

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    • She could easily be my current girlfriend' – the thought around that is seeing a gorgeous girl as dating material rather than what most guys do which is wondering 'how' to attract her rather than just being attractive

      “She” who?  Think about this… if you are not specific in some way, how will the sub be able to “recognize” or attract that ideal person as your girlfriend?

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      Also, you are mixing various aspects and thoughts and then trying to put it into a sentence that has several assumptions and suppositions.  Tough for the sub to “get this.”  So, bad news is that if it's too complex, it will be ignored or you might get something the sub interprets that is not consciously what you truly desired.

      So, basically, it looks like you are thinking consciously about what you desire… very nice!… you just need to discover the most effective way to communicate in a way that the sub will understand.

      Remember, talk to the sub in the way that makes sense for it … think about the sub as a little child.  Keep things simple, literal and direct.