Reply To: Which product should I buy?

Leslie Onyesoh

    Thx Jeff…

    As you say setting up my own business and the end of a relationship certain throw up a lot of fears. I am glad I cam by this resource as I felt like I was drowning under it all. Been having some fairly wild dreams recently around change and I take that as a good sign.

    I've created a list which I am working my way through using both PS+ and the accelerators in combination. First working on the negative belief with the accelerator then affirming positive beliefs with first the accelerator then the PS+ click tracks.

    One thing I am finding is that when rating negative emotions the numbers are quite low 3 or 4's at the outside. I am still working on them but it is sometimes hard to bring them up once I have scaled back on a preceding emotion that relates to the state I wish to identify.

    I had a -ve flash back last night over my relationship which lasted for some time which was a downer. I had thought I had resolved the issue but it just goes to show one needs to keep an eye on the ball so to speak. As the subsconcious continues to feed me areas I need to work on to clear issues at their core.

    Again thx for all the guidance.