Reply To: Cascade Release


    Hi there,

    I wasn't sure whether to start a new topic, but I stumbled across this post whilst searching the subject 'sweating' and found that Sally has experience in successfully treating excessive sweating relating to social anxiety with cascade release. I have quite a few issues that I am trying to work through, many of which relate to social anxiety and an underlying belief that I am 'not good enough' in various ways. I've been trying to use the click tracks, accelerators as well as PSTEC positive and have encountered some challenges along the way. I have had some very helpful input from Tim on these issues via a couple of private sessions, and I'm not going to give up on the click tracks, but I'm also keen to try cascade release to see if that can help me at all. I was wondering whether Sally (or anyone else) might be able to give me any pointers on how I might be able to use cascade release on sweating and blushing related to social anxiety. Would I try and address the sweating and/or blushing using cascade release for each issue separately? Or do I try and use it for the social anxiety more generally, if that makes sense?

    Many thanks in advance for your help.