Reply To: Question about the Super Power Hypnosis package


    Hello Sandra,

    I don't think PSTEC related tools are included in this package. It's simply a package on *how* to create top notch hypnosis products, not a hypnosis recording. If you're looking for hypnosis from Tim, “PSTEC Positive Empowered”is an actual hypnosis track and is absolutely incredible. It's the best $10 I've ever spent.

    My question was more of when you DO create your own hypnosis products, don't you have to bundle in click tracks with them? That's the thing, there's thousands and thousands of hypnosis and subliminal products out there that don't include anything to neutralize the emotions….so I'm wondering how people have gotten results with these products? Those products are simply getting people into a relaxed state, deepening, receive positive suggestions, and emerge. There's no PSTEC, TAT, EFT, NLP, BSFF, ZPoint, ABC, XYZ, etc. etc. etc. involved.

    That whole aspect of self-help products has never made any sense to me, and quite frankly, the facts are pretty inconsistent. I don't see how it could work either way…you either have to neutralize the negative emotions to get a positive suggestion to land or you don't. Is there a gray area?

    That's why I think Tim is so great, he covers the whole scope of things to get people results.

    It makes you wonder if you could simply repeat your positive suggestion in your head while listening to the amazing “PSTEC Positive Empowered” and get the same result as these hypnosis products on the market?