Reply To: Why Technique

Brian Tucker

    Thought I would stir up some dust on this post. I used this method several ways on some rather large and persistent feelings. Some of those feelings I have been working several hours/days on with what I believed to be the cause of them and the others brand new feelings not yet worked on yet.

    1) I started each one by running a single tapping accelerator track while holding onto the on the feeling and genuinely asking “why?” to the sub over and over.

    Within a minute or so, all sorts of things come into my mind. Some of it memories of things I would never have thought to be associated with the feeling. sometimes thousands of flashes of memories flow through each with a separate original feeling that is as fresh as it was at the time going back decades.

    As they flow out, they go all back and forth in time and often some go so far back to childhood I don't even know what it is but for all of it that comes out, I just go with it and keep tapping as the feeling starts to fade.

    Other things come to mind that are just garbage or things that just make no sense. Maybe these are dreams, from a past life or passed through DNA I don't know but again, I just go with it and let it all “drain out” as it releases.

    It seems as if though somewhere in there is the original event and all of the rest are associated with it that have somehow reinforced it over the years.

    2.) After the accelerator is done, I grab a clicktrack (free basic, eef or 2015) and start working on it and just hang onto the feeling and let whatever comes in my imagination do its thing. Every so often, I will ask “why?” again maybe 20 times again to see if anything new comes out and usually it does. If the feeling is still there I go another run on a different clicktrack. I keep going until it's gone.

    3) After the feeling is gone I then run a relaxing accelerator track.

    1.a) Another option I tried was to run the accelerator as above asking “why” and once it was done, continue by listen to the 2015 wrapper track asking “why” while it all just ran through my head and wrapped it up. Then I ran the first clicktrack and let it all just come into mind and kept clicking until it was gone.

    This “why” technique might be, if not one of the best kept secrets of the clicktracks. I am removing large and long running feelings in a fraction of the time I was previously and it is effortless to do so.

    I wanted to try this a long time ago but never got around to it. I have been using the tapping and relaxing accelerators all along and I wish I would have tried the “why?” method with them sooner because it could have cut my clearing down to a fraction of the time I was investing.