Reply To: Why Technique


    This technique is absolutely brilliant. Thank you so much for writing it and updating it in such detail. It helped me through a big breakthrough. I have used it twice so far – once on this heavy feeling I had after having mistakenly purchased goods that I wont be using. I wouldve usually clicktracked it but this time I decided to use the tapping accelerator asking why repeatedly. After a  couple of minutes I got a few memories and discovered that I had the beliefs
    1) I am useless/ I am a waste
    2.) I am a loser
    3) I am good for nothing

    Now earlier I have gone through a list of general core beliefs that I picked from a cognitive behavioral therapy book. This is my usual approach to using PSTEC belief process – I go through the list of beliefs and click on whichever I feel to be true. Interestingly, in the many times I have gone through the list, I never quite felt the belief “I am useless” or “I am a loser” to be that true. I was eventually going to work on that but just as a general precaution, it didnt reaaally feel true.
    But after using the why technique, I had a start intutive awareness of these beliefs that carried a strong charge. Afterthat  I used the 18 minute belief on that, its gone. I feel like a part of me is permanently liberated.

    Another time, I used it on a frustrating feeling. This time it didnt bring up beliefs but a string of memories. Following your 3 step method, I wrapped it up with the wrapper track and used the long clicktrack on it. Again. Wow. What a difference. I imagined worst case scenarios to check if it triggers the feeling. Nada!

    Now I would like to address a main problem area for me but I'm confused as to how to use the why technique with it or just any pstec products in general. I understand the why technique and clicktracks works when we are able to hold a distinct, in most cases a negative feeling in mind. But what if there is no feeling that I can detect. I have always been quite distracted person, it is very possibly undiagnosed ADD.

    Now what happens is  I would be focusing on one thing and before I know it I'm watching a video, or just lying down for a nap or fantasizing. Most of the times its just a impulsive, almost unconscious habit of switching from a productive to unproductive task. Othertimes, I just put off something that is important consciously ( convincing myself I will return to it later) inorder to do something that's a little more exciting or relaxing and the feeling that accompanies this switch can only be described as 'relief'. A pleasant feeling of having gotten out of the responsibility for now.

    I am working on knocking down whatver beliefs I doubt I have relating to this one by one, and it creating a difference. But I would really like to switch the habit pattern using the clicktracks but I dunno how to do that when all I have is a seemingly positive feeling or recurring behaviour patterns to work with.

    Do you have any ideas as to how to address this? Any input would be appreciated. Thank you