Reply To: Agoraphobic no more! :D



    Thank you for your very kind post about my accomplishments!
    I really enjoyed reading your post. You “hit” so many great points about
    how PSTEC works and finding “your” own niche with it! The best technique I've used ever! :D

    Oh, And guess what??…That 50 miles that I traveled the other day….Well…
    On Sunday evening after running some Positive click tracks about traveling further…(I have been working towards traveling to see some friends for the past 6 months or so, and they live 120 miles away from me)…

    I left home late Sunday evening and drove 120 miles to my desired location!! WOO!!! I still am in shock, but not, at the same time. I went from 50 miles to 120 miles in 2 weeks. Soo definitely something “Clicked” for me! :D
    Saw my friends and they were soo surprised and in shock and happy!
    It was an amazing 240 mile round trip experience!
    I got a hotel room, and I haven't stayed away from home, btw, in over 14 years. It was awesome!!
    Just had to let you and others know that once you get going, nothing can stop you, but you! :D
    Just an update for everyone! So that unlimited mile radius for me has expanded greatly! Yay!! :)
    I'm sooo grateful and truly blessed to have made this journey!
    I'm planning to travel more and more. This is great!
    Never give up on your desires and goals!
    Thank you for your support!!
    I hope too that these posts will help someone out with their journey towards the life they are wanting!
    Have a great day all!! :D