Reply To: My ultimate fear: rejection


    “Lack of Trust” and “Fear of Rejection” feels like they are related to me… possibly those incidents back in Kindergarden times???

    Sometimes it's hard to find how things are all interconnected in my head. I tapped on being rejected by my current boyfriend, I thought about a scene where he would reject me, tell me he didn't want to see me. I tapped it down to a 1. However, when I would think about asking him for support or asking him for something I need, the fear was still  between an 8-10. I didn't really get why that would be, if the thought of him rejecting me was really a 1 or 2 whenever I would question myself or think of a scene of him rejecting me somehow.

    I actually thought of something this morning when I came home to CT… My mom, even though I do love her very much, was an alcoholic through most of my life, until I was a teen. I was able to remember an incident when I came home from having a hard day at school and she was passed out drunk when I really felt like I needed her. At first I didn't think it was related to my trust issues but… I decided to trust what my mind was telling me and I really began to feel like, yes, in this incident I felt my trust and faith in having a parent to support me after a hard day had been violated. I didn't think it was something that bothered me, but when I really sat with it, I started sobbing before doing my clicking.

    I had both sadness and fear mixed into the memory, and I tapped on both. The numbers were pretty high too. 10 on the sadness and 8 on the fear. I got the sadness down to a 1 and the fear down to a 0! I'm very happy about that!

    I'm actually feeling a little more confident in myself, a little less stressed, and a bit more happy than I've been in days.

    I don't know if all my postings are making a lot of sense but I hope they're helpful to someone.