Reply To: PSETC and Very Deep Hypnotic States

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Peter… well, the Accelerators can always be helpful, unless someone is completely open and aware of the memories, emotions and beliefs that are the source of the issue, then they are probably not necessary.

    With E, in his post, I did not read anything that expressed a difficulty in recall nor lack of progress… so, it depends upon that.

    If someone is not having recall issues, I keep it simple and stick with the free Basic Click Tracks.

    I also, from his post, do not have an indication on whether he is experiencing results… shifts in perception… so, again, it depends upon whether he's “stuck” or not.  I only bring in more advanced aspects if there is complexity and difficulty… otherwise, K.I.S.S. … Keep It Simple Sweethearts.

    I always assume that the simple PSTEC approach will work … and it usually does … I need to “see” that a simple approach is not working, then I will move in other directions; using different strategies.  And, if it's a long term issue… one that takes some time … then I will use various aspects to keep the therapy fresh.

    But, again, K.I.S.S.