Reply To: I am unable to attract healthy relationships


    I know this will work but my concern is
    a) He is alcoholic and he doesnt know he is nor does he know what this means
    B) He avoids me so i dont get a space to communicate
    C) He is in complete denial
    D) Because of the heavy alcohol content in his body he is very temperamental, aggressive, and unpredictable.
    More over I can see a pattern of attracting difficult men in my life. My dad brother and close relative (Men) are all like him, they are dominating, judgmental, will not listen to their wives and family, behave badly at home, create a space of terror unpredictability and sadness. All marriages in my environment  are unhealthy and the women in my family believe this is normal. So they make me wrong for thinking and beleive otherwise. As a result i experience being worthless, bad, lonely, sad. I have strong belief that things can never change no matter how much I try, its useless. I can never break these patterns. I feel so tired fighting all the time if not externally internally I resist all this so much. I feel helpless and hurt that i cant protect my mom my sister in law my sister. My elder sister was murdered by her husband and I have had bad relations with men. I just cant seem to break this chain. I feel so stuck. Its now showing in every area of my life.