Reply To: How to tap using CT

Meghan Saunders

    Hello Johnny –

    Good to hear you are very interested in continuing your pursuit to win!

    I believe being comfortable is important.  A person can either sit or lay down to do the click tracks – – your body position will not effect the process.

    The tapping with fingertips or palms on your legs, lap, stomach, sides or a cushion also do not matter.  This part of PSTEC work does not have to be precise – just TRY to use the correct hands at the right time – following Tim's instructions. 

    What is most important for PSTEC is TRYING to connect with the upset, uncomfortable or unwanted feelings from the past, memories, experiences or future imagined events that a person may fear.  Connect with the feeling it causes inside.

    Come to a click track session with a subject you want to remove from your life.  Try to connect with the feelings associated with it – – – then run the click track and follow Tim's instructions exactly.  I suggest clients do 3-4 rounds per issue.  See if this can help you get to a 0.

    With PSTEC Positive you can also work with:  “I can be successful with PSTEC” & “I can easily clear my issues using PSTEC” – – – and others that you coin that relate to what you do want.

    Best to you – meghan