Reply To: Momentery deep hypnotic state in more detail.

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hey EW… nice comments… nice awareness and observations.

    One of the most powerful tools you already have… you already ARE … that will “amp up” your use of PSTEC is your power of awareness… being conscious of what's going on in your Mind which is where we are shifting perceptions with PSTEC in order to also “amp up” our ability to Live Life in Truth rather than some warped sense of reality with fears and limitations.

    So, nothing to fear because, as you pointed out, 'something is happening' and that's why we turn to PSTEC, to create shifts in actions, words, thoughts and, most importantly, our State of BEing.

    If the fears are strong, you can always CT those as well to allow yourself to “go deeper” to avert the possibility that you might turn back because, in Truth, you have nothing to fear within your Mind, my friend!

    Again, mahalo for sharing and for doing your work… er … play!  ;D

    Malama Pono… aloha nui!