Reply To: I have a Crush

Peter Bunyan

    Hi rolfii
    The Free Basic Click Tracks should be used to remove negative emotions. If this “love” is merely physical attraction then it will pass, without any intervention required, if it is real Love then even if unrequited you will find the capacity to let her go, because that is an aspect of real love. As painful as it might be at the time it will become a part of you, a good part, since loving someone cannot be bad. So again no PSTEC. If on the other hand you love her, but for example you feel you cannot approach her and tell her your feelings, then here is where PSTEC can help. If for example you fear rejection, then here is a fear, a negative. If again for example you fear that you will not find the right girl for you, here again is a fear to Click on. Do not try to remove love, there is not enough of it in the world as it is.