Reply To: Pstec questions

Peter Bunyan

    Hi K
    Great question and I feel I must jump in and reply. The straight quick answer is YES you can change your belief that the door is green not blue. I know this is a trivial example but you would need to want to see it differently. It might seem obvious that it is hard to disregard the evidence of our own eyes, but hold on, what is it our eyes see? Your eyes are like a camera and see an image of a door, your optic nerve feeds that image into the brain where your mind records it. Your mind records it by associating it with previous memories like other things you have seen the same colour which your parents/teachers etc called “Blue”. In other countries they call it a different name, in other cultures they see different colours altogether. Other animals see colours outside the range of our eyes ability to perceive. So we only put into our mind model a fraction of what we call “reality”. Furthermore to misquote Simon and Garfunkel from “The Boxer” “you only see, what you want to see and disregard the rest”.  From personal experience I saw a car driver looking at me, but he did not see me, I would not have cycled in front of him had I not observed him looking at me, but I ended up a bloody mess in the road. I do not believe he intended to hit me. He looked but did not see. I did not “appear on his radar” that is I was not in his mind model, till he hit me.
    So is it possible to change your belief… yes. The only thing is the many thousands of times you have seen  “Blue” things continually reinforcing the network of mental associations of “Blueness” creating a really powerful belief. If you wore special glasses that changed blue things to say green and wore them continuously for a couple of weeks when you took them off you would continue for a while to see blue as green. The door has not changed only the way your mind manipulates what your eyes see. So yes it is possible, you might need a good reason in order to outweigh such a strong belief.
    Your mind model is a network of associations formed from sensory inputs filtered by previous experience. Any new pattern of sensory input is placed into memory (added to your mind model) with a “name” the next time you experience a similar pattern of input you say ah-ha it is a “name”, with repetition you get more and more confident this really is a “name”. PSTEC positive is only swopping the “name” you have associated with previous inputs. For a really huge network of associations you would have to loosen up that “confidence” so that your sub-conscious is prepared to accept the “name” change.
    All of this post is me trying to get you to see the issue in slightly different way, attempting to “soften” up your belief, loosen your “confidence”.
    Now do you think with the aid PSTEC you could see blue doors as green?  :)