Evan I really appreciate your kind words.  I do feel alone, trying to get to my goals is like raising myself from the ground up.  Stripping away the negative and unhelpful past memories is a goal in itself.  Until I get through here, the others I'm striving for just seem to take that much longer. 

    Sheer, I feel just as you do.  Much of what you wrote is exactly what's occurring for me, I too have made some future planning, set six month goals, procrastinating (only because when I make a step forward something invariably goes awry, which zaps motivations and enthusiasm).  And like you, I cannot afford to have my behaviours and responses hold me back anymore.

    PSTEC Level 1 would probably be a better purchase for what you need right now includes EEF's and PSTECPositive tracks.  I purchased it recently and am using alongside the CT's.  It's how to use them in the most effective way and creating new responses/behaviours I need to get me going for the success I so desire.  Everytime I feel I dealt with an emotion/negative experience, another comes up.   

    I wish you the best with PSTEC. and really hope we get to the other side of our emotions real soon.

    I just had a thought, am I using the click tracks, etc., expecting to experience the changes from the same negative emotional state that got me there?  Does that make sense?  What I'm trying to say is do I want to 'know' the changes from the negative thoughts/experiences that got me there in the first place – like experiencing the 'old' me from the 'new' me?  That can't happen.  I have to let go, leave the old habits behind without looking back at them.  Oh man!!  I believe this is what I'm doing.  Like I want to say “yes, I've changed” rather than accepting it and getting on with my life.  Can I get out of my own way??