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constance Jimenez

    Hi I have used CR extensivly with my clients I use a series of questions to surface limiting negative beliefs and then another set of questions to the origin of that belief and now we are at the root. One great question is what or who does that remind you of, all sorts of awareness stems from that. As we start CR I have them invite the age appropriate them into our session imagining that part of themselves doing the tapping along with them. This creates trmendous healing. When you pull out the roots the grass does not grow back. As we go into the second half of CR I have them pick someone real or imaginary that they feel very safe with like a parent, grandparent or angel or Jesus or mary always thier choice. As those old patterns, programs, lies, illusions, made up stories and wrong decions are put into the dust bin by that special person, they imagine that all that rubbish (meaning the lies illusions negative beliefs and wrong decisions they made way back then) are being torn out by the roots and as soon as it hits the dust bin they imagine it all  melting and flowing right out of the bottom of thier feet. After all that we do EFT to implant the positive. The results are truly amazing I am so grateful for CR and all of PSTEC Connie A Jimenez ;)