Reply To: Positive Track 2


    Well this is a very old post but no one replied, think I'll use it to generate my question.

    But first as to oz's question, I don't think it matters if our eyes are open or closed for this one.

    Also no we don't write it down because we are doing a mental journey w/ as many details  as possible.

    I hope I”m right about that; I'll leave it to Jeff , etc to confirm.

    My question on PS Pos 2 is…do we have to take the imaginary journey alone, or is it as effective if someone is w/ us in our mind?  Many of the places I enjoy walking, I did w/ my ex, and he is the focus of my use of PSTec.

    (i.e., he broke us up 8 months ago after the best year of my life (I am 52).  My PSTec work involves getting past the breakup, being happy again on my own, and instilling a sense of “I am loved again, by him or someone better”)

    So what happens when a particular person keeps wanting to come along on the mental journal while doing PS Pos 2??  Can we allow them, or do we go it alone?  ;)

    Actually I have another question about it.  Is going on an actual journey while thinking of the positive statement, as useful as imagining the journey while thinking of the positive statement??  To cram it into the subconscious i mean? 

    Thanks in advance!!