Reply To: Positive Track 2

Peter Bunyan

    Requin and oz
    When you have your eyes open you will always be on the alert for danger and hazards.  An imaginary journey is safer therefore you will be able to relax more. I suggest it would also be better in your own home as it is usually where you feel safest. Being safe and relaxed should enable you to imagine and focus more on your journey in more vivid detail.
    You can still do it eyes open but it would I feel reduce it's effectiveness, making it more like a mantra.
    Straight repetition works just more slowly. You can also have your statement on postit notes scattered around your house so you keep on seeing it. From my own personal experiments I get bored, as it requires some persistence.
    If you find your positive not working or taking a long time,  then perhaps your statement is too positive, that is you cannot accept your own statement, no matter how much you want it to happen. They need to be written in a way that you can almost believe it. So create a series of statements starting something like “I can be good at this” then “I will be good at this” to ” I am good at this” and ” I am really good at this”. Go through one at a time, when you believe one then move on to the next up the ladder.
    PSTEC tracks are designed by Tim to be faster and more effective than anything else. There is however a bit of an art to crafting good positive statements. The Positive Secrets tutorial which comes with an audio and a pdf version explains it all.

    Every time you open your eyes you are entering a new fresh world until you recognise things which usually does not take very long at all. So for the clicking track place your written statement where you can see it first.
    Requin if you want him back then have him with you, if you want to get over him then no, you can't have both. As mentioned on another thread they are conflicting goals.