Reply To: Positive Track 2


    I say the first things to attack is anything that lowered your self esteem, self trust, or self confidence.

    Bullying, put downs, embarrassing moments, etc

    The very first thing I attacked was every humiliating moment. Bullying, put down from a parent, embarrassing moments with women etc…

    Then I loaded up positives with self love, forgiveness, and self acceptance affirmatioms

    Then from there I moved on to times where I didn't stand up for myself this goes with bullying but even little moments when you had run ins with people and felt you should have acted more confidentially.

    From here I loaded up on self confidence and assertiveness affirmations.

    Once I built a better foundation more options grew. As I began to feel more “manly” I guess you can say I felt more confident and accepting of myself and the rest came easier.

    From there you can deal with specific things kind of like sculpting where you want to go now.

    Now that you accept yourself more and have more self love you can begin to improve your life and take things to the next level like setting goals for a business. Focusing on times where you felt you have failed, felt rejected, etc. You can start clearing out anything in your way of stopping you from being successful. Or maybe you want to up your game with women or take up hobbies or be a better performer in areas of your life. These are all things I am in the process of targeting. It's harder to move forward and plan goals and do the things you want to do when you had so many memories of your self esteem being blown from early childhood memories of bullying or critical parents etc. But since you'll have already cleared a lot of that you'll find you'll move a lot faster in the other areas having already cleared that

    This is what I did and I feel like a new person sometimes I cant even remember who I used to be or even imagine being that person again. For me I started with the self esteem and then worked toward building my confidence and success with women and dating since that has been a huge issue for a long time. I'm in a relationship now and taking it one step at a time. Before PSTEC I wouldn't even drenched of it.

    Now my most important and next step is to set goals and get over the fear of failure. Biggest one for me, very difficult with the whole perfectionistic ways. But I am doing it one step at a time. I'm going to do my Tests for police and pass because I now have the confidence to know I can do it. Now it's just all about DOING it.

    Good luck and have fun with it. Take breaks though and try not to over think it. If you have ocd take it slow and try your best not to overthink. It's one of the issues I'm dealing with and trying to leave the whole PSTEC process at home instead of always thinking of it out in the world lol