Reply To: Positive Track 2


    Well Peter I know I was getting long winded and off topic  ;) so no big deal.  I tend to delete my posts afterwards anyway as I don't really like private stuff hanging all over the internet. 

    Thanks so much for your help; I truly cannot tell you how much it means. Yes I'm in a pretty mixed up place right now.  I'm trying to sort through all the things I”m learning from different things I”m reading etc.  I'm also trying to sort out all of my own junk and try to figure out where to start clicking.  Indeed you (and Serato) have given me plenty of ideas, and I have a lot of my own.

    So I'm going to, as you said, just start clicking!!  I was just listening to Tim's tutorial (the one called PSsuccess & positive instructions) and he mentions how to get over a person you are obsessed w/ or breaking up with…he says just think about the person and start doing a CT.  Aha!!! That's what I was thinking of doing before I even heard that. 

    I need to get this overwhelming dark cloud off my back so I can work on other things.

    I really want to get Accelerators in and in light of what you know so far about me, helpful, yes?  I like the idea of hypno/listening tracks.  I often put on the tutorials or WoA as background to listen to while I play computer games or something.