Reply To: Worked but not now


    Thanks Peter,
    Review past is not a good memory, not becasue it is all gloomy, actually it is not, but there are people in the past and many others who are no lonnger in this world. Plus, past is just like a movie, events come one after the other, shadows of places I lived, friends, family, schools, hoses, events. And that makes me said as that time is gone.
    What I did, I let the movie ran, from early childhood too present and kept on clicking, 3 passes. I got tired, but never got the JEEP feeling which I got the other day. I will keep doing this as pin pointing one single event of past never shows any attached emotions.
    Is there any other way? I am planning to do clicking/tapping one the whole past as a movie, randomly, multiple times a day, for few days. What do you think?