Reply To: Tangled web, where to start?

Peter Bunyan

    Hi DG
    Seems we have given you plenty to think about and work on.
    You mention your Father controlling you through money, this would connect all the problems and issues you have, except it does not seem quite traumatic enough to be the cause of PTSD to us at this distance, although it could be as we do not know the full circumstances. I think this is why Andy was enquiring about any physical violence that occurred about that time. This need not be directly related to your Father/money except in time. Your subconscious does not work logically and can make connections that do not appear to be related when looked at some time down the line later. Further more just the threat of violence would possibly do the same thing. Even more just watching a powerful violent TV program or something  like say one of the “Rocky” films for a young girl could also possibly be enough.
    Is there any mileage in this line of enquiry?